April 03, 2003

A few things...

A few things to do when you are STUCK (boggled)...

  • Make sure you start your day with a shower and get your self around, because if you don't your day will just spiral in to something ugly!
  • Try setting a timer for an hour and every time it goes off DO SOMETHING, even if it is simple like emptying a trash can. Then if you at least do something every hour you have done at least 8 or 9 things.
  • Put on a walkman and listen to music or the news or something, this will distract you from the confusion enough that you might be able to get through the boggle (I also have a head set on my phone and 2 different people that I can call and just "talk" to about nothing and this will sometimes inspire me to be productive, the same as the walkman.)
  • Figure out where in the stream of time you are, orient your self by looking at a calender of up coming events. This may be enough to get the adrenalin flowing and make you move!
  • Load the dishwasher (or unload as the case may be), start some laundry, just do some thing that is more of a body task than a brain task.
  • Even going on a walk is better than doing nothing, and it just may be the stimulation that your brain needs.
  • DO NOT... turn on the TV, surf the net, "check your email", or start any kind of computer game when you are in this state, you may never get away!! (I'm speaking entirely from personal experience here!!)