August 07, 2004

Opposable thumbs are good...

Well, I have had an interesting week. Last Thursday Richard had a minor run in with a skill saw, it left quite an impression. Let me elaborate...

He was cutting a sheet of ply-wood and some how it started to slip, instinctively he tried to catch it with his "free" arm (left that is), however his thumb on this "free" arm was already busy holding the safety guard on his saw. Some how (we may never be sure how) the tip of his thumb came into contact with the saw blade, (he still has a thumb by the way). He then wrapped it up in a bandage and went back to the task at hand.

Over an hour later he showed up at home with a bloody bandage over the wound, and proceeded to ask me,

"I cut my thumb with my skill saw, do you think I should go to the emergency room?"
My response, "Well, duh!". He then said "you follow me in the car." I told him to get into the car and took him to the urgent care clinic.

Mean while it was time for me to give Jennifer a ride to her prenatal appointment, so as soon as I got him checked in I took Bradlee and left. It turns out that her MD was just around the corner from where Rich was, so I waited at the urgent care clinic for them both.

About an hour later he came out, they told him that he had just cut the very end of his thumb bone off and they had to clean it all out. There was also some talk of removing part of his thumb nail, however it was decided against. It appears that it went about 1/4-1/2 inch across the top of his thumb nail (thankfully he has wide thumbs) and it did not go through the under side of his thumb except on the edge. He may not have feeling in the top of his thumb, but should underneath.

He then insisted on going back to work that very afternoon, it was about 3:00pm by then. I didn't see him again until about 8:00 that night.

Friday, I spent the day helping him clean up the trailer so that he could take it camping this weekend.

Today, he left to go camping.

What a man!


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