January 14, 2004

Power surge?

I think that I have made a breakthrough, I can finally do more than just survive between trips on "the paper route". I hope that it's either that or my new meds have been in my system long enough that they are making a bigger difference. Otherwise, I'm just having a sudden power surge that will quickly fizzle into nonexistence, and that would bum me out!

I was able to:

-Clean up my house
-Clean up the bathroom
-Design, and redesign a new page just for me Underground...
-Do the paper route
-Go shopping for fun
-Do crafts with my 4 year old
-Cook dinner
-Attend a 2 hour meeting and get something out of it
-Go grocery shopping
-Put groceries away
-Clean my desk
-Clean up my house again
-Have 2 people that I don't know very well over and not get stressed out
and more that I can't think of right now in only 2 days!

This is very very good! : )


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