November 01, 2003

"What happened to Ginger"

"Many" have wondered, 'what happened to Ginger?'

•Learning to live without a grandmother/baby sitter across the street
•The loss of my ADHD coach (she had to quit for personal reasons)
•There is more but I can't remember

I should stop wallowing now.

Or not...

Jennifer and I have been wracking our brains trying to come up with a way to make extra money to fund coaching classes (so that we can become ADHD coaches ).
At first all we could come up with was having a garage sale,yah you guessed it I made about $65.00, at this rate I only need to have about 50 more!

Plan B:

Someone suggested that we get a paper route, cool let's go! Could this be famous last words? I thought "This will be easy. Little kids do this in the summer." And then I saw the map... Oh no, what have I gotten myself in to? The first day I just rode along and rolled up papers and assisted the lady that we will be taking over for. I was so overwhelmed by the time that I was done I was afraid to drive myself home.

The next day (today) she had me drive, I think I will get better as the weeks go by but I have a new respect for the paper boy. I had no idea that there would be so much stuff to remember. For instance did you know that about half of the boxes out there are not in use? Also, the advertisements, that I had always assumed were put in by a machine, are actually inserted by the carriers. Then there is the rolling, it is not done by machine either.

What this all adds up to is:

•Not only do I have to learn a complex rout.
•I now also get to drive (on the wrong side)
•Stuff inserts
•Roll papers
•Remember what boxes are active all at the same time!!